super soft sweet buns with almond milk and dark chocolate

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This time I’m here with a sweet recipe, but not too much. Delicate, but decisive and direct flavor.

Something that can be good for breakfast, but also for a mid-morning snack. Excellent for a cupcake to pair with coffee, but also for the afternoon snack. In short, you will realize that if they manage to arrive until the day after you have baked them, it will be a great victory! Guys, these Pangoccioli ( in Italy we call it in this way) are gorgeous.

I had tried many before trying these. In short, with YEAST, LICOLI, DRY YEAST, I had tried all the colors.

But I wanted to get to the recipe as close as possible to the consistency of those on sale (which, surely, are less good than these hahahha, sorry if I pull it but until you try them you won’t be able to understand what I’m talking about!). In short, the goal was to obtain the same softness, but a distinctly different flavor and, why not, add more chocolate to the whole.

Doesn’t it also seem to you that the chocolate in the snacks you buy is always too little? It seems to me so.

So, I went to work.

The characteristic taste of these “Pangoccioli” is given by the almond milk, the licoli and the dark chocolate ( Grezzo Leone).

It seems obvious and obvious to say that if you don’t have the chocolate I used at home, “nobody dies!” , you can use another dark chocolate, at least 90% (already the pangoccioli dough is very sweet, you have to balance it with a strong and bitter chocolate). I have very large stocks of them, after a job done for Lion Pastilles which I will talk about maybe in the future and therefore, do you want not to take advantage of it? The important thing is the quality of chocolate and if you really want to exceed (here I say it, here I deny it !!!), you can use dark chocolate with hazelnuts !!!

For almond milk, same thing: if you don’t like it, if it should be too much for you, you can use whole milk (preferably of high quality!).

For the question, you can decide whether to use it or throw yourself on the brewer’s yeast: I am not repeating to you that, obviously the slightly acidic and lactic flavor at the same time, which provides the licoli, is incomparable to any other type of yeast (fresh or dry beer). Not for this they will be less good, on the contrary, you will have an excellent result anyway, but it is right to always clarify things.

I also used a lot of spices, but those, if you want you can omit them. Surely, if you use them, they will make your sweets very fragrant and super recognizable. In this case it is really a matter of personal taste: you can also choose to combine honey simply with the vanilla bean. Here, vanilla, I would never omit it, regardless.

I recommend doing a lot of them, because they are literally a drug and there is a very high possibility that they will end immediately. If this is not the case (and I add, lucky you!), You can keep them in a plastic bag and they will remain soft for at least 4-5 days.

The recipe is freely inspired, modified according to my needs, tastes, times and methods of leavening, to Francesca di Lievitomania

Have fun everyone, see you soon!

(Doses for about 10 80g Pangoccioli)


  • 30 g flour 00
  • 150 g of almond milk


  • 500 g flour 00 W270 p12.5
  • 100 g water *
  • 120 g of refreshed and active Li.Co.Li*
  • 30 g vanilla yogurt
  • 80g raw cane sugar
  • 50g soft butter
  • 250 g of Leone raw dark chocolate
  • 10 g of salt
  • 1 egg yolk mixed with 20 g of milk to brush before baking


* For those who do not have it, or do not want to use the licoli, they can use 4g of yeast and wait for the doublings I will tell you about later. The times will be different and also the result in terms of softness and aromas, but both are very good and good ways. * The quantity of water could also change, if you change flour. Remember that each flour has a different absorption level than the other. Always keep 30-40 g of water aside and add it as needed.


  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • 2 finely chopped carnation flowers
  • 1/2 vanilla bean
  • 2 teaspoons plenty of honeydew honey (if you don’t have it, any honey is fine)



The night before, put all the ingredients in a mixer, mix well and place in a bowl to macerate. Leave it overnight, at room temperature, covered with plastic wrap, until use.

Preferably 5 hours before use, put the water and flour in a saucepan. Bring to a temperature of 62 ° -65 ° (not higher, otherwise you risk burning the mixture) and stir until the mixture detaches from the saucepan. It will have to be firm enough, not too much, but not even liquid.
Cover well with cling film, place in the fridge and allow to cool completely.

When the 5 hours have passed, start putting the flour, baking powder and water in the mixer. Start mixing for 2 minutes. Autolysis for 30 minutes. After thirty minutes, add the yogurt. Let the dough work for a few minutes and when it starts to harden, insert the water roux and salt and let the dough fit together. Be careful to string well before inserting the sugar. When it is stringed, add the sugar twice. Immediately after the sugar add the aromatic mix that you prepared the night before. At this point, you will have a tightly kneaded dough: it’s time to add the butter in three shots. When you insert the butter, wait until the previous quantity is completely absorbed before adding more. When you are finished with the butter, insert the chocolate (previously made into flakes), working 1-2 minutes in the machine to incorporate them well.

When the chocolate is well incorporated, knead the dough on the workbench, giving it two rounds of pirling and put it in a buttered container, let it rise until doubled: it will take about 4 hours. If your dough takes longer it doesn’t matter, it all depends on how you strung it and the temperature of your home.

When the dough has doubled, form the balls: about 10 of 80 g each. But even here, you can choose the size of your drip pan, then make it bigger or smaller. After cutting the same pieces of dough, give it the classic shape that you have since making bread, pirlate well and give it tension. Leave to rise again until doubled.
Arrange them on a baking tray covered with parchment paper, well spaced from each other, remember that they will have to double.
Cover with cling film, and wait for them to double again: in my case it took them about 3 hours.

When they have risen well, turn on the oven and preheat it to 200 degrees: they must cook in total about 25 minutes. The first 15 minutes 200 degrees and the last 10 minutes lowered to 170 degrees.

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