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Rye boule
I must say one thing: I had wanted to make a rye bread for months and I had my usual licoli at my disposal, which I always refresh with a strong type 1 flour. Several times I have tried to manage several licoli at the same time: one of chocolate, one of spelled, one whole. Sometimes in conjunction with a solid mother yeast. Then I realized that it was quite complex to do it, also because, before the advent of the CoronaVirus, Claudiu and I were often away on business and i...
Bread with fermented apples, nuts, rosemary and cinnamon
I had wanted to try Russian fermented apples for some time. I prepared them a few weeks ago, before the Corona Virus arrived, because I had a lot of apples to exploit and, before they became too soft, I had to find an unconventional way to cook them. So it was. I ran into this recipe. On the web or you search for different ones, but then (as I always do !!) I modified a little in my own way the whole thing. The recipe, however difficult it may seem, is not. You just need ...

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  1. Ciao!
    se uso mele non fermentate, come cambio il procedimento? allungo la fermentazione fuori frigo e quella overnight? aumento l’idratazione?
    grazie e complimenti per questa ricetta golosissima!

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