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This dove was an epic feat. We started with the other doves by mistaking the baking tray: too big for the amount of dough I had prepared. We remedy the baking paper. We started with this dough and our oven leaves us. Panic. It really seemed that these doves weren’t to be done, but we didn’t give up. We dismantled the oven during the leavening hours of the dove, praying and sweating cold. We called my cousin, my aunt, the neighbors, and we all warned that if our oven hadn’t turned on they would have to cook the doves in their oven: a bonus dove as a reward! I let you imagine the enthusiasm (hahhaha) In the end the doves rose, the oven turned on, I avoided a nervous breakdown and everything went as planned, if not better. I must say that Montanari’s recipes are always a great guarantee and, since I own his book, that is one of the Bibles of the great leavened PH 4.1. Science and craftsmanship of the leavened dough to every question, I always find a certain and sim...
Box Bread with natural leavening milk and oat for sandwich
We proceed with the string of breads, pan bauletto and leavened products from this period (appreciate it because you will miss all this abundance of recipes on the blog as soon as you change your mind to work at full speed!). This post should have been written this week, but today, which is such a strange and ambiguous Easter, I decided that between a hysterical cry and moments of hilarity. the only thing I could do better was DO. So I started writing and I thought about how...
Traditional natural leavening colomba
I arrive late for Easter, but it doesn’t matter. I ran for this Colomba because on Sunday, as Claudio and I will be alone, I want to bring on our table at least a little joy and something above all that tastes like family. This Colomba was not an easy task. I started by mistaking the size of the baking tray, I took one too big compared to the weight of my dough. I then tried to use Licoli instead of solid Mother Yeast, which is what I usually use for large leavened p...
Forgotten hokkaido bread
I’ll be back here with a recipe that I would not have published. At least until last night. Not because I don’t like it, on the contrary, it is a bread that I use often and I produce with great pleasure. But because, I have to tell the truth, this time, I had focused more on the image than on the content (mea culpa!). To change my mind was  Elvira Zilli   who arrived a bit like a lightning bolt, last night, while we talked about lard and how to melt the fat...
Rye boule
I must say one thing: I had wanted to make a rye bread for months and I had my usual licoli at my disposal, which I always refresh with a strong type 1 flour. Several times I have tried to manage several licoli at the same time: one of chocolate, one of spelled, one whole. Sometimes in conjunction with a solid mother yeast. Then I realized that it was quite complex to do it, also because, before the advent of the CoronaVirus, Claudiu and I were often away on business and i...
Bread with fermented apples, nuts, rosemary and cinnamon
I had wanted to try Russian fermented apples for some time. I prepared them a few weeks ago, before the Corona Virus arrived, because I had a lot of apples to exploit and, before they became too soft, I had to find an unconventional way to cook them. So it was. I ran into this recipe. On the web or you search for different ones, but then (as I always do !!) I modified a little in my own way the whole thing. The recipe, however difficult it may seem, is not. You just need ...

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  1. Ciao!
    se uso mele non fermentate, come cambio il procedimento? allungo la fermentazione fuori frigo e quella overnight? aumento l’idratazione?
    grazie e complimenti per questa ricetta golosissima!

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