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Neapolitan Sfogliatelle
Here we are. I must say that when I decide to talk about traditional recipes, I automatically start with a series of premises that seem more like a red light than anything else, but that they are not. My premises are never born with the intent to scare but simply with the sole function of putting you in front of the facts and the facts in this case are two: the sfogliatelle are difficult both to make and to tell, but they are tremendously delicious, so it will be worth the worth trying to make them. I will try, below, to give you some advice that I have found decisive to obtain sfogliatelle that will have nothing to regret to the Neapolitan ones (then obviously, if we could eat them in Naples it would be a whole other story, but these days it is good to learn to travel first with the imagination than by other means!). In short, it was like a year that I tried to make the sfogliatelle or at least I had the idea of ​​wanting to make them but now for one thing, now for another, I have...
Panettone with chocolate and candied orange, by Ezio Marinato
Every year, when we decide to put our hands in the dough for the production of panettone, I automatically ask myself why we do it. Complacency? Fun? Passion? Love? I don’t know, I don’t think that among the best reasons there are these, or at least not only these. If it is true that deciding to do your utmost to make panettone can be an act of passion and great love, it is also true that a slight sense of satisfaction and pure pride also plays in the production of...
PANETTONE with liquid sourdough , recipe by MORANDIN
Yes, guys, here we go! Here is one of the recipes that I experimented with Claudio and that I would like to recommend, given the surprisingly soft result! For some years now, as you know, we have dedicated ourselves to the artisanal production of the panettone that we give away and that we eat during the Christmas holidays. I thought it would be nice to propose a variant with liquid sourdough (the one with sourdough will arrive in the next few days! be patient, it takes a who...
I arrive quite on time this time, since only a week has passed since you attacked me for the super blob focaccia recipe (hahahhaha). Oh well guys, you will understand that in this period time seems to fly, although sometimes it stops and keeps us suspended. But I’m not here to complain, I’m not here to argue on the COVID issue (there are already those who do it abundantly without request …) because I would say that’s enough. I am here only to give you ...
cocoa bread with dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts
I don’t know why I hadn’t published this bread, precisely on March 20, when we had prepared it. In fact, it wasn’t long before we were well photographed that we finished half a loaf in one afternoon: I’m sure of that. I would have liked to show you more photos, maybe well done, but these are the only ones that I managed to take. But, in these days, as soon as I have a little breath, I will forgive myself and I will take others because I am willing to m...
Okay, okay, I’m lagging behind on the publication roadmap, as I have yet to publish about 4 new recipes. In my defense, however, I tell you that here we have resumed at full speed (very full, I would say! Fortunately, I would add!) As soon as possible. Baking, however, remains a daily constant, as it always has been and we continue to produce those who want to be all the breads that we want to try and taste, experiment and then communicate to all of you. But back to us,...
super soft sweet buns with almond milk and dark chocolate
This time I’m here with a sweet recipe, but not too much. Delicate, but decisive and direct flavor. Something that can be good for breakfast, but also for a mid-morning snack. Excellent for a cupcake to pair with coffee, but also for the afternoon snack. In short, you will realize that if they manage to arrive until the day after you have baked them, it will be a great victory! Guys, these Pangoccioli ( in Italy we call it in this way) are gorgeous. I had tried many bef...

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